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Epoxy Silane Crosslinking Agent

Epoxy silane crosslinking agent is a colorless transparent liquid, mainly used in unsaturated polyester composite materials, which can improve the mechanical properties, electrical properties and light transmission properties of composite materials, especially to greatly improve the wet performance of composite materials.

Epoxy silane crosslinking agent:
CAS No.: 2530-83-8
Molecular formula: C9H20O5Si
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Density (ρ20, g/cm): 1.0700 ± 0.0050
Refractive index (n25D): 1.4280 ± 0.0050
Content: 98%

1. Treatment of glass fibers by infiltration with the coupling agent can improve the mechanical strength and electrical properties of the glass fiber reinforced composite in a wet state.
2. In the wire and cable industry, the coupling agent was used to treat the clay-filled peroxide cross-linked EPDM system, which improved the consumption factor and specific inductance.
3. Copolymerization with vinyl acetate and acrylic acid or methacrylic acid monomers. These polymers are widely used in coatings, adhesives and sealants to provide excellent adhesion and durability.

Packing:5 kg / barrel; 25 kg / barrel; 200kg / barrel