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Special Features Of Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid has many special properties:

Good heat resistance

In methyl hydrogen silicone fluid molecules, as the main chain is composed of -si-o-si-bond, with a structure similar to that of inorganic polymer, whose bond energy is very high, so it has excellent heat resistance.

Good electrical insulation

Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid has good dielectric properties. The electrical characteristics change little with the change of temperature and frequency. The dielectric constant decreases with temperature, but changes little. The power factor of hydrogen silicone fluid is low and increases with the increase of temperature, but there is no rule with the change of frequency. The volume resistivity decreases with temperature.

Good hydrophobic

Although the main chain of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid is composed of polar bond si-o, the non-polar alkyl group on the side chain is oriented outwards to prevent water molecules from entering the inside and it plays the role of hydrophobic. hydrogen silicone fluid for water interfacial tension is about 42 dyne/cm, when it is spread on the glass, as a result of the hydrogen silicone fluid water repellency, contact angle about 103 °will be formed. It can be comparable to paraffin wax.

Small coefficient of viscosity-temperature

The viscosity of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid is low and changes little with temperature, which is related to the spiral structure of hydrogen silicone fluidmolecules. hydrogen silicone fluidis a kind of oil with the best viscosity-temperature, whose characteristic is significant for damping devices.

High compressibility

Due to its helical structure and large distance between molecules, hydrogen silicone fluid has high compressibility. This characteristic of silicon oil can be used as a liquid spring. Compared with mechanical springs, the volume of it can be greatly reduced.

Low surface tension

Low surface tension is characteristic of methyl silicone oil. Low surface tension indicates high surface activity, so it has excellent defoaming and anti-foaming performance, isolation from other substances and lubrication performance.

Non-toxic, tasteless and physiological inertia

From a physiological point of view, siloxane polymer is the best known one among the inactive compounds. Dimethylsiloxane is inert to living things and has no reaction with animal body. Therefore, they have been widely used in surgery and internal medicine, medicine, food and cosmetics and other sectors.