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Use And Precautions Of Vinyl Silane

Vinyl silane is soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in water at PH 7, but soluble in acidic water at PH3-3.5.

Vinyl silane has the function of coupling agent and crosslinking agent, whose suitable polymer are PE, PP, unsaturated polyester, etc. It can also be used to improve the affinity between glass fiber, inorganic filler and the resin for vinyl reaction, and enhance the polyester resin.

It can be used as silane crosslinked polyethylene cable insulating material and hot water pipe material, making it a thermosetting resin with better heat resistance, mechanical strength and chemical resistance than the original thermoplastic resin.

Vinyl silane is used as a copolymer to prepare organosilicon-modified polymers, such as acrylic emulsion and styrene butadiene latex, to improve the water resistance, adhesion and scrub resistance of the modified polymers.

In addition, as a reinforcing agent and cross-linking accelerator, it is widely used in composite materials, coating, ink, glue and sealing materials.

The vinyl silane can be used as the surface moisture-proof treatment for electronic components, and can be used as the surface moisture-proof treatment for the anti-high-voltage composite dielectric capacitor of the disc type fine-tuning porcelain dielectric capacitor, so as to improve the moisture-proof performance and surface finish of the product and improve the qualified rate of the product.

It can be stored at room temperature for one year.

The finished products are packed in 5Kg plastic drums, outsourced to cartons, 20Kg/ carton.