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CFS-088, Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane, Cas No. 18643-08-8

Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane Typtical Properties:

Chemical Name



N- Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane; Dimethyloctadecylchlorosilane

Cas No







Clear liquid or white crystal


min 97%


Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane Description

CFS-088, Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane is a functional long-chain silane. It is mainly used as a hydrophobic agent and a surface modifier of inorganic fillers and pigments.

Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane Application

CFS-088 is mainly used for the preparation of reversed-phase C18 chromatographic columns (ODS). CFS-088 has been synthesized for micro and nanoparticles derivatization, silica modification and molecular monolayers generation. Silica treated with C18 based on ODS column can enhance durability and bring excellent performance.
CFS-088 can be used for pigment dispersion. Inorganic pigments treated with CFS-088 have superior dispersibility and hydrophobicity.
CFS-088 can be used as a surface treating agent for inorganic filler. It can significantly improve the dispersibility and compatibility of inorganic fillers in the plastic, rubber and resin;

Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane Packaging

CFS-088 is offered in 25L PE pails/bags and 200L PVF steel drums.
Please contact Co-Formula team for any special packaging request.

Octadecyldimethylchlorosilane Storage

CFS-088 should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place, and avoid exposure to humidity.
CFS-088 should be stored in its original containers and used up as soon as possible after opening.
When stored in a strictly sealed and unopened container, CFS-088 has a shelf life of 12months.
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ISO9000 & ISO14000 Certified Manufacturer of Organic Silicone Materials;
Professional manufacturer and supplier of silane coupling agents;
Leading producer of specialty functional silanes;
Specialized in silicone oils and silane modified polymers;

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