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CFS-250, Propyltrimethoxysilane, Cas No. 1067-25-0

Propyltrimethoxysilane Typtical Properties:


Propyltrimethoxysilane Description

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ISO9000 & ISO14000 Certified Manufacturer of Organic Silicone Materials;
Professional manufacturer and supplier of silane coupling agents;
Specialized in silicone oils and silane modified polymers;
Leading producer of specialty functional silanes & siloxanes;

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Isocyanate Silanes | Amino Silanes | Mercapto Silanes | Epoxy Silanes | Vinyl Silanes |
Phenyl Silanes | Chloro Silanes | Alkyl & Alkoxy Silanes | Long-chain Silanes |
Crosslinkers & Silazanes | Fluoro Silanes | Methacryloxy Silanes | Silane Intermediates|
Methyl Silicone Fluid | Cyclic & Dual-end Siloxanes | Silane Modified Polymers |  
Functional Silanes Oligomers | Coating Additives | Plastic Additives

Key Functions of Co-Formula Products
Silane Coupling Agent | Adhesion Promoter | Surface Modifier | Hydrophobing Agent | Silane Crosslinking Agent | Resin Additive | Curing Agent | Surface Protective Agent |
Dispersing Agent | Terminating Agent | Pharmaceutical Intermediate | Silylation Reagent | Allylation Agent | Electron Donor | Finishing Agent | Softening Agent | Lubricant | Releasing Agent | Surfactant | Defoaming Agent | Paint Additive | Coating Auxiliary | Plastic Additive | Water Scavengers | Cosmetics Additive

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Adhesives & Sealants | Chemical Synthesis | Chromatographic Columns |
Electronic and Electrical Components | Health Care | Paints, Inks & Coatings |
Personal Care | Rubbers & Plastics | Textiles & Fabrics | Wires, Cables & Pipes
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