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Health Care

Health Care

Health care products are the main market for Co-Formula methyl silicone fluid. Methyl silicone fluid is widely used in the field of medical and health because of its excellent characteristics such as colorless, volatile, tasteless, non-toxic.

For example, methyl silicone fluid or known polydimethylsiloxane can be used as the lubricant of condom because of its non-toxicity and good lubricity to human body. Oral gastrointestinal anti-swelling tablets and pulmonary edema anti-foaming aerosol are made by the anti-foaming effect of methyl silicone oil. Methyl silicone oil can be also used to treat the surface of blood storage device and prolong the storage time of blood samples. Some ointments of base oil have good curative effects on scalds, dermatitis and bedsores because silicone oil can improve the penetration of drugs to skin.

In addition, dimethyl silicone liquid has low surface tension and good water-proof performance. It is a good lubricant for glass, rubber and plastics. Silicone liquid can form a hydrophobic coating on the sleeve surface of glass and plastic syringes and ensure the smoothness when operating plungers. Similarly, these methyl silicone fluids can be used on hypodermic syringe needles to make skin puncture easier.

Of course, silicone oil used in the field of medical and health, whether it is used for lubrication on the body surface or for defoaming in the body, must meet the medical standard. At Co-Formula, medical grade dimethyl silicone oil is available with certain viscosity grades.

Besides silicone fluids, several Co-Formula functional silanes can be used in medical and dental industries. Co-Formula silanes intermediates are widely used as pharmaceutical intermediates or materials of various medicines. They are acting as important silylation reagents and raw materials for medical products. Some silane coupling agents including methacryloxy silanes are used in dental restoration, including ceramic inlays, inlays, crowns and bridges. The durability and strong adhesion make silane coupling agents suitable for composite resins and dental restorative materials.

For more details about application in health care products, please consult Co-Formula.