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Paints, Inks & Coatings

Paints, Inks & Coatings

Co-Formula silane coupling agents are mainly used for adhesion promotion, filler modification, resin modification and primer preparation in paints, inks and coatings. They are playing the following roles:

  • Improve adhesion of organic polymers on inorganic substrates
  • Improve water resistance, weatherability and abrasion resistance of coatings and substrates;
  • Improve compatibility and dispersion of organic resins and inorganic pigments and fillers;
  • Improve cross-linking properties of resin systems;
  • Improve the hardness of coating surface;

Co-Formula silane can be used as primers and tackifiers in coating industry. The main function of the primer is to increase the bond between the resin coating and the protected substrate. The main component of the primer is silane coupling agent, which can be combined with a certain film forming agent, catalyst and pigments. The bottom coating is made by solvent dilution, which is formed by solvent evaporation and hydrolysis and condensation of water in the air. Silane coupling agent should be decided according to the type of resin and the type of protected substrate. 

For fillers and pigments used in oil-based and waterborne coatings, the wettability and dispersion of inorganic pigments and fillers in the coating phase can be significantly improved after treatment with Co-Formula silanes or additives. The viscosity of coatings can be greatly reduced.

Like functions in adhesives and sealants, Co-Formula silane terminated polyether polymers can act as basic materials in coatings and paints. Several polymers and oligomers with a wide range of viscosities can be introduced to this application area.

Co-Formula methyl silicone fluids have taken a market share in the market of paints, inks and coatings. Methyl silicone fluids can be added into coating system as a brightener. With its presence, the brightness, wrinkle-free and non-floating properties will be significantly improved. With silicone fluids added in inks, the printing quality will be highly improved. Silicone fluids can also act as water repellent in paints and coatings with excellent hydrophobicity.

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