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Introduce the Characteristics and Uses of KH-1770 Epoxy Silane and KH-1771 Epoxy Silane and KH-561 Epoxy Silane


KH-1771/KH-1770 epoxy silane uses:

KH-1771/KH-1770 epoxy silane belongs to alicyclic epoxy silane and can be used for:

1.Modification of engineering plastics such as nylon and PBT by fibrillation and filling to improve the mechanical strength of the modified plastics.

2. Epoxy molding plastics used in IC packaging can improve the bonding and coupling between resin and filler.

3. Polysulfur sealant for building and glass has a good effect and no stink of mercapto silane.

4. Polyurethane and latex adhesives can remarkably improve the bonding strength without yellowing or affecting the storage life of products.

Characteristics and uses of KH-561 epoxy silane products:

1.KH-561epoxy silane is a silane coupling agent of the epoxy-functional group. It is suitable for use as adhesion promoter of polysulfide, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic sealant, adhesives, paints, coatings and inks. It can significantly improve the adhesion, scrubbing resistance, scratch resistance and ink resistance of coatings to inorganic materials such as glass, metal, and concrete. Water resistance.

2.KH-560/KH-561 epoxy silane can improve the adhesion between epoxy resin and matrix, and improve the electrical properties of epoxy resin electronic materials, filling materials and printed circuit boards, especially their wet electrical properties.

3. KH-561epoxy silane can improve the mechanical and electrical properties of engineering plastics such as nylon and PBT reinforced by inorganic fillers.