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Introduction to the Characteristics and Uses of KH-151vinyl Silane


Main uses:

1.KH-151vinyl silane is mainly used for crosslinking polyethylene; surface treatment of glass fiber reinforced plastics such as unsaturated polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene resin: synthetic special coatings; adhesives; surface moisture-proof treatment of electronic components; surface treatment of inorganic silicon-containing fillers, etc.

2. KH-151vinyl silane is an important crosslinking agent for crosslinked polyethylene. Compared with peroxide crosslinking and radiation crosslinking, its crosslinking process has the advantages of simple equipment, less investment, easy control, the wide density range of polyethylene, suitable for producing sector cores with special shapes, and high extrusion speed. Silane crosslinked polyethylene (XLDPE) has been widely used in the manufacture of wires, cable insulation, sheath materials and cross-linked polyethylene tubes due to its excellent electrical properties, good heat resistance, and stress-cracking resistance.

3. KH-151vinyl silane can be used for the crosslinking of vinyl acetate copolymer, chlorinated polyethylene, and vinyl acrylic acetate copolymer.

4. KH-151vinyl silane is also suitable for impregnating glass fibers and inorganic fillers containing silicon. The mechanical strength and electrical properties of glass and plastic laminates can be effectively improved by improving the infiltration and adhesion properties of resin and glass fibers. Especially wet mechanical strength and electrical properties. The weatherability, water-resistance and heat resistance of FRP were improved significantly, and the service life of FRP products was prolonged. Also, the product is endowed with the better transmission of electromagnetic wave.

5. KH-151vinyl silane can be copolymerized with various monomers to produce special coatings. The coating has excellent electrical properties and moisture and heat resistance. Anti-salt fog and anti-mildew properties. It is suitable for coating and protection of parts and components of advanced defense products such as aerospace, radio flood, radar, electronic components, and aircraft.

6. KH-151vinyl silane can be used as a filler to treat special rubber, which can improve its dispersibility, increase the mixing proportion of filler and rubber and increase the tear strength of rubber. It can also improve the bonding performance of rubber to metal and fabric.

7. KH-151vinyl silane is used to prepare sealants for plastic sealing materials of electrical components. In 1,2 polybutadiene plastic sealing materials, filler quartz powder was treated with this product to improve the three-way surface bonding between polybutadiene resin and quartz powder and enhance the compactness of plastics. To improve the moisture-proof ability of plastic sealing materials.

8. KH-151vinyl silane can be used as a surface moisture-proof treatment for electronic components. It can be used for the surface moisture-proof treatment of anti-high voltage composite dielectric capacitors of disc-type fine-tuning ceramic dielectric capacitors. It can improve the moisture-proof performance and surface smoothness of products, and improve the qualified rate of products.

9.KH-151vinyl silane is used for surface treatment of composite glass interlayer, manufacture of aircraft windshield and other products. The product is impregnated with poly butyl methacrylate film and bonded to glass to improve adhesion without cracking.。