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What is the Effect of Silane Coupling Agents on New Materials


Silane coupling agents are widely used. It can be used to treat both organic and inorganic materials, and some properties of the materials will be significantly improved by silane coupling agent. Now let's take a look at the effect and research of silane coupling agents on new materials.

1. Application of silane coupling agents in optical materials

The effect of silane coupling agent on the properties of aluminum paste for solar cells is studied. When the silane coupling agent is 2.5%, the surface tension of the organic support can be reduced from about 30 mN / m to 25.69 Mn / m, which improves the adhesion between aluminum powder particles and between aluminum film and silicon wafer. Thus, the scratch and ashing can be reduced, and the contact resistance of aluminum electrode can be reduced from 0.60 Ω to 0.19 Ω.

Some scholars have focused on the luminescent properties of glass, which is silane coupling agent modified stilbene 3 doped lead tin fluorophosphate glass. The organic / inorganic hybrid glass doped with stilbene 3 was obtained by adding the modified SNF2 powder containing stilbene 3 into the low melting point lead tin fluorophosphate glass. The glass has better projectivity and uniformity.

2. Application of silane coupling agent in nano materials and composites

Composites are more and more popular because of their excellent properties. However, the inherent shortcomings of the composites can not be eliminated. By adding silane coupling agent, the composites with better properties can be prepared. The performance of nano materials can be improved by adding silane coupling agent, just like reinforcement.

Nano SiO2 emulsion is prepared by using sodium silicate, the size of the particles was controlled by ammonium chloride, and then the SiO2/NR composite is prepared by co precipitation with natural rubber latex. The nano-SiO2 treated by silane coupling agent is well dispersed in the composite with good mechanical properties.

In addition to inorganic composites, silane coupling agent is also added in the preparation of nano ZnO. Nano ZnO is modified by silane coupling agents KH550, KH 560 and KH 570. The results show that the silane coupling agent KH570 has good modification effect, and the surface of the modified nano ZnO powder is coated with KH570. The crystal form does not change obviously, but the dispersion became better.