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Chloromethyltrimethoxysilane Chloromethyltrimethoxysilane

CFS-6261, Chloromethyltrimethoxysilane, Cas No. 5926-26-1


Chloromethyltrimethoxysilane Description

CFS-254 3-Chloromethyltrichlorosilane Cas No. 1558-25-4

CFS-254, 3-Chloromethyltrichlorosilane is a chloro silane in which silicon is bonded to from one to four chlorine atoms with other bonds to hydrogen alkyl groups. It reacts with water and produces heat, toxic and corrosive fumes. Please contact Co-Formula for SDS for handling and shipping instructions.

CFS-254 can be used as an important rubber additive and a resin additive for advanced silicone rubber products and organosilicon compounds.

CFS-254 can be used as a coupling agent and an adhesion promoter to enhance the bonding performance of organic polymers such as epoxy resins, polyurethane, polyamide and other adhesives on various inorganic substrates.
CFS-254 can be used as an essential intermediate and a basic material for the synthesis of other functional organosilanes and silicone fluids.
CFS-254 can be used for the surface treatment of glass fibers and kinds of inorganic fillers. With its presence, mechanical properties and chemical properties of composites can be greatly enhanced.

For more details about this product, please contact Co-Formula.

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