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Alkyl Isocyanate is a functional group with the general formula of R-N=C=O. The isocyanate functionality has typical reactivities of alkyl isocyanates. Co-Formula isocyanate silanes are compounds which combine the functionality of an isocyanate group and an alkoxy group. These silanes can easily react with active hydrogen in organic polymers. Alkoxy groups of isocyanate silanes can hydrolyze to form a reactive silanol group and offer excellent adhesion to a variety of inorganic substrates.

Production Status of Isocyanate Silanes/NCO Silanes

Co-Formula is a leading supplier of isocyanate silanes in China, with capacity of around 80 metric tons per month. CFS-006, 3-Isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane and CFS-885, 3-Isocyanatopropyltriethoxysilane are commercial products under regular production. Purity grade of CFS-006 & CFS-885 can be above 98%. The two items are the most used isocyanate silanes in current market. Considering the low consumption, other isocyanate silanes are made to order or in the pilot lab only.

Functions & Applications of Alkyl Isocyanate Silanes

Co-Formula isocyanate silanes mainly act as adhesion promoters in paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants industries. They can improve adhesion to organic materials and improve hydrophobicity.

Isocyanate silanes can also be put into use in one-component moisture curable polyurethanes and two-component reactive urethane coatings. In addition to above applications, Co-Formula isocyanate silanes can perform excellently as crosslinkers for urethane sealants and coatings.

The largest consumption of Co-Formula isocyanate silanes comes from silyl modified polyurethane polymers (known as SPUR polymers). These silanes act as cross-linking agents for polyurethane polymers.

Besides the application in the SPUR polymers, Co-Formula isocyanate silanes are also applied as modifiers of other polymers, which can be described as silane modified polymers (SMP) or MS polymers. SPUR polymers and MS polymers have lots of similarities and common features. Both polymers are mainly used to produce sealants in construction and building industries. Sealant formulations containing isocyanate groups can make the polymers modification more smoothly, with the capacity of improving mechanical and chemical properties of various composite materials.

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