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Organic Silicone Materials
Siloxanes & Fluids

Siloxanes & Fluids

Siloxanes & Fluids

Siloxanes are a functional class of organosilicon compounds containing alternate silicon and oxygen atoms, with a typical Si-O-Si linkage. Siloxanes are commonly known as organosilicon or polysiloxanes, which can be linear, cyclic or cross-linked polymers. Silicone fluids are liquid polymerized siloxanes with organic side chains. With superior heat/cold-resistance, moisture resistance and excellent electrical properties, silicone fluids can be used under a wide range of temperatures.

Main Siloxanes & Silicone Fluids

Main siloxanes and fluids products at Co-Formula consist of methyl silicone oils, cyclic siloxanes and dual-end type siloxanes. Co-Formula supplies high quality and excellent performance silicone fluids, including dimethyl silicone oils, methyl hydrogen silicone oils, hydroxyl silicone oils. A wide range of viscosity options are available.

Among Co-Formula siloxane and fluid offerings, CFS-F(M), Polydimethylsiloxane (known as PDMS or dimethicone) is the most important and commonly used product. Polydimethylsiloxane, also known as dimethyl silicone oil, is a hydrophobic silicone material. Co-Formula dimethyl silicone oils' viscosities varies from 0.65cst to 12500cst. All the silicone oils are colorless, transparent and odorless liquids with weather stability and electrical properties.

Functions & Applications of Siloxanes &Silicone Fluids

Co-Formula siloxane and fluid offerings have been widely used as defoamers, release agents, waterproof agents, damping liquids, advanced lubricant, diffusion pump fluids, surface modifier, protective coating additives. General application fields include industrial production, construction, personal care and cosmetics, plastic and rubber, electronics, papers and textiles, pharmaceuticals and agricultural industries.

Dual-end Type Siloxanes

Besides silicone fluids and commercial siloxanes for general-purpose applications, Co-Formula has successfully developed a series of dual-end type siloxanes. CFS-267, 1,1,3,3-Tetramethyldisiloxane (abbreviated as TMDSO) is a basic intermediate for the synthesis of silicone products. It can be used to produce high-performance organosilicon surfactants, liquid silicone rubber, modified silicone oils and organic resin modifiers. CFS-267 can also be used for the preparation of polysiloxanes with functional end groups. At Co-Formula, such polysiloxanes are dual end-capped with amino, epoxy, vinyl, methacryloxy and other functional groups.


Co-Formula Siloxanes & Fluids Main Products