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Polymers & Additives Overview

Deep expertise and superior manufacturing capabilities enable Co-Formula to deliver distinctive performance features and value-added solutions for each customer’s applications. In addition to functional silanes and silicone oils, Co-Formula has systematically developed a series of silane modified polyether polymers, silanes oligomers and paint & plastic additives.

Silane Modified Polymers

Silane modified polymers, also known as silyl modified polymers and silane terminated polymers, are polymers terminating with a silyl group. Co-Formula has been focusing on the R&D of silane terminated polyether polymers. These polymers have a polyether chain with dialkoxy or trialkoxy silane groups at its ends.

Co-Formula silane modified polyether polymers are mainly serving as a basic material for eco-friendly adhesive and sealant, paint and coating products, without isocyanates and solvent-free. The sealant and coating products made from silane modified polymers possess excellent adhesion to a wide range of inorganic substrates, excellent physical properties and good compatibility.

Coating & Plastic Additives

Co-Formula coating and plastic additives have made a name for themselves in offering paint and plastic industries with solutions to their formulation problems. Co-Formula has synthesized powder/filler/pigment dispersing agents for various applications.

For cables & pipes processing, Co-Formula filler dispersing agent can be coupled with inorganic fillers such as aluminum hydroxide/magnesium hydroxide (other inorganic fillers such as kaolin, titanium dioxide, talcum powder) to improve the compatibility of fillers with organic systems such as polyolefin (PP/PE), EVA, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber and thermosetting resin, and can be hydrophobically modified on the surface of inorganic fillers.

Co-Formula dispersing agent for paints & inks are primarily used in solvent-based industrial coatings, automotive coatings or high-grade ink. It has high dispersibility and wide compatibility with various resins.

You may also find oligomers of functional silanes at Co-Formula. According to customers’ requirement, Co-Formula can offer amino silanes oligomer, vinyl silanes oligomer, epoxy silanes oligomer and so on. For more details, please consult Co-Formula directly.

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