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Organic Silicone Materials
Functional Silanes

Functional Silanes

Functional Silanes

Co-Formula Functional silanes are organic silicone products containing a hydrolyzable group and a nonhydrolyzable organic radical group. The general formula of a functional silane can be showed as YSiX3. Y is the nonhydrolyzable group, like isocyanate group, epoxy group, amino group, vinyl group and others. These functional groups can form durable chemical bonds with organic materials such as resins and improve compatibility and wettability. X group is a hydrolysable group, like methoxy group, ethoxy group and other alkoxy groups. Such groups can form reactive silanol groups after hydrolysis. The reactive silanol groups can condense with other silanol groups on the surface of inorganic substrates including minerals, fillers, glass and metals. Special structures enable functional silanes to build a molecular bridge between organic and inorganic materials. Two materials with different properties can be bonded together by functional silanes, which can improve the mechanical properties of the composite.

Main Silane Coupling Agents

Since its foundation, Co-Formula has been involved in the organic silicone industry, mainly focused on production and marketing of functional silanes. Main silanes of Co-Formula with high functionality include Isocyanate Silanes, Amino Silanes, Epoxy Silanes, Mercapto Silanes, Phenyl Silanes, Vinyl Silanes, Chloro Silanes, Alkyl Silanes, Long-chain Silanes and Silane Crosslinkers. Besides general-purpose silane coupling agents, Co-Formula can also provide customized service and specialty silanes for global customers.

Roles & Markets of Functional Silanes

Today, Co-Formula's eco-friendly functional silanes are successfully applied in a variety of fields, such as paints and coatings, construction and architecture, adhesives and sealants, electronics and electrical components, rubbers and plastics. Co-Formula also offer special long-chain silanes for chromatographic columns application. These functional silanes mainly act as adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, coupling agents, surface modifiers, primers and water scavengers throughout the wide application fields.

Management System of Co-Formula

With continuous investment in silanes manufacturing and R&D facilities, Co-Formula has been committed to a strict quality and environment management system. All of Co-Formula's production facilities of functional silanes have been approved by ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures that Co-Formula will continue to be an environment-friendly, safe and reliable source in the silanes market.


Co-Formula Functional Silanes Main Products