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Silane Coupling Agent Uses

Today, Co-Formula's silane coupling agent are widely applied in a variety of industries and markets. These application fields include construction and architecture, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, personal care and cosmetics, wires, cables and pipes, chemical manufacturing, electronics and electrical components, rubbers and plastics, healthcare, textiles and so on.

How to Select a Silane Coupling Agent

There is no doubt that it is important to choose the right silane coupling agents for different substrates or the processing material. If you are looking for a silane coupling agent for surface modification, namely, to change the surface properties of the materials, you need to take the following factors or elements into consideration while selecting: 1) the kind of the surface hydroxyl groups; 2) the concentration of the surface hydroxyl groups; 3) the hydrolytic stability of the bond that has formed; 4)the dimensions of the materail base.

The bonding strength of different materials will be subject to the influence of such factors as the degree of wetness , energy of the surface, interlayer and polar adsorption and acid-base interaction. Therefore, it is also necessary to consider the composition of materials and their sensitivity to silane coupling agent reaction.

Silane Coupling Agent Production Certificates

With continuous investment in silanes manufacturing and R&D facilities, Co-Formula has been committed to a strict quality and environment management system. All of Co-Formula's production facilities of functional silanes have been approved by ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015. Compliance with regulatory requirements ensures that Co-Formula will continue to be an environment-friendly, safe and reliable source in the silanes market.

ISO14000 ISO14000 ISO9000 ISO9000

More about Silane Coupling Agents

  • Chemical Structure
    The general formula of silane coupling agents can be shown as follows:


    Y =nonhydrolyzable group (i.e, isocyanate group, epoxy group, amino group, vinyl group)

    X =hydrolysable group (methoxy, ethoxy, or other alkoxy reactive groups)

  • Physical Properties
    Co-Formula silane coupling agents are organic silicone products containing a hydrolyzable group and an organic functional group

    The physical properties of silange coupling agents include the appearance, specific gravity, refractive index, boiling point, melting point, storage temperature and some other properties.

  • Applications
    Co-Formula's silane coupling agents have been successfully applied in a variety of fields such as

    · Adhesives & Sealants

    · Paints & Coatings

    · Wires, Cables & Pipes

    · Chemical Synthesis

FAQs about Silane Coupling Agents

  • Q What do silane coupling agents do?

    A silane coupling agent is playing a role of bonding agent or bridging agent. It is used for the better adhesion effect between two different materials. Silane coupling agent is basically suitable for surface modification of all organic and inorganic materials.

  • Q Are silane coupling agents hazardous?

    Generally speaking, the unhydrolyzed silanes are not flammable and explosive, because the flash point is about 100 degrees. However, after hydrolysis, many silanes need to be hydrolyzed by adding VOC, so the flash point decreases to 50 degrees, which might be flammable.

  • Q What is the function mechanism of the silane coupling agent?

    The siloxy group is reactive to inorganic compounds, and the organic functional group is reactive or compatible to organic compounds. When a silane coupling agent is used between the inorganic and organic interfaces, a bonding layer of organic matrix, silane coupling agent and inorganic matrix is formed. It is called the silica layer which enables the chemical reaction of silane coupling agent to form a durable bond with non-silica-based materials.

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