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CFS-A24, Pigment Dispersing Agent

Pigment Dispersing Agent Typtical Properties:


Light yellow solid

Active ingredients


Boiling point(℃)


Melting point(℃)


Density(ρ20) g/cm3


Pigment Dispersing Agent

Pigment Dispersing Agent Description

CFS-A24, is a 99% active ingredient polymer dispersant, which can improve the dispersion and stability of pigments in organic systems and offers improved flocculation, flood and float resistance. CFS-A24 can be applied to provide improvements in rate of color strength development and superior gloss/reduced haze. It is widely used in industrial coatings (solvent base), environmentally friendly packaging inks (alcohol, ester… solvents), packaging inks (Benzene, ester, ketone… solvents), cooking-resistant ink, UV ink and other systems. It is the equivalent of SOLSPERSE 24000.

Pigment Dispersing Agent Application

1. CFS-A24 can be used in solvent-based automotive coatings with the following typical properties: 
  • increase the pigment filling amount and improve the grinding efficiency. 
  • greatly improve the coloring power of pigments. 
  • improve glossiness and reduce haze. 
  • improve Anti-flocculation and Anti-floating flower. 

2. CFS-A24 can be used in 3C digital product inks with the following typical properties: 
  • High pigment dispersion. 
  • Improve ink storage stability. 
  • Improve ink Color expansibility. 
  • Excellent viscosity reduction effect.

Pigment Dispersing Agent Packaging

CFS-A24 is offered in 25kg drums. 
Please contact Co-Formula team for any special packaging request.

Pigment Dispersing Agent Storage

CFS-A24 should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place. 
CFS-A24 has a shelf life of 12months.
CFS-A24 should be dissolved in the mill base resin/solvent before the addition of pigments.
Addition levels should be based on the surface area of the pigment/filler.

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