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Hydroxyl Silicone Oil Hydroxyl Silicone Oil

CFS-F(OH), Hydroxyl Silicone Oil, Cas No.70131-67-8

Hydroxyl Silicone Oil





Cas No.





(25℃), mm2/s




OH Content








Customized service with various viscosity & OH content is available.

Hydroxyl Silicone Oil Description

CFS-F(OH), Hydroxyl silicone oil is an organic silicone material with hydroxyl groups at both ends of its molecule, which is synthesized by the polymerization of siloxane monomers. It is also called hydroxyl terminated polydimethylsiloxane or OH polymer.
CFS-F(OH) is a colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insulation and resistance to high and low temperatures, high flash point and low solidification point. It can be used for a long time under the condition of -50C~+250C. It has low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression rate, low surface tension, good hydrophobicity and moisture resistance, chemical inertia and physiological inertia.

Hydroxyl Silicone Oil Application

According to different viscosity and OH content, CFS-F(OH), Hydroxyl silicone oil is widely used in construction, electronics, textiles, papers, cosmetics, plastics, printing, semiconductors and other industries.
CFS-F(OH)-LV, called small molecule hydroxyl silicone oil, can replace diphenylsilandiol and act as a structure controller for the processing of silicone rubber. It can also be used for waterproof, soften and anti-stick treatment of textiles, leathers and papers.
CFS-F(OH)-MV and CFS-F(OH)-107 can be used as base rubbers for condensation RTV silicone rubber and raw materials for other silicone products.
CFS-F(OH)-MV and CFS-F(OH)-107 can be used as sealing agents or components of insulators or insulating paint for semiconductors and electric industry.

Hydroxyl Silicone Oil Packaging

CFS-F(OH) is offered in 200L PVF steel drums and 1000L IBC totes.
Please contact Co-Formula team for any special packaging request.

Hydroxyl Silicone Oil Storage

CFS-F(OH) should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place, and avoid exposure to humidity.
CFS-F(OH) should be stored in its original containers and used up as soon as possible after opening.
When stored in a strictly sealed and unopened container, CFS-F(OH) has a shelf life of 12months.

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