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Co-Formula is a professional supplier of alkyl and alkoxy silanes in China. A series of alkyl silanes with different functional groups are available at Co-Formula. These alkyl silanes and alkoxy silanes are mainly used as crosslinking agents, water scavengers and surface modifiers. Co-Formula alkyl and alkoxy silanes act as an essential component in sol-gel system. They can also act as intermediates of chemicals synthesis and processing additives for silicone polymers.

Functions & Applications of Alkyl & Alkoxy Silanes

The most common alkoxy crosslinking agents have methoxy group or ethoxy group with high reactivity. Alkoxides react directly with water and form silanols. Alkoxy silanes with methoxy groups react readily with water while those with ethoxy groups react slowly. Taking MTMS as an example, CFS-553, Methyltrimethoxysilane with Cas No. 1185-55-3 is primarily used as a crosslinking agent for RTV silicone rubber preparation. CFS-553 is also acting as a coupling agent and surface modifier for various substrates like glass fiber and SiO2.

Co-Formula alkylchlorosilanes are always used as raw materials of other functional alkyl silanes. Methyldichlorosilane with Cas No. 75-54-7, Methyltrichlorosilane with Cas No. 75-79-6, Dimethyldichlorosilane with Cas No. 75-78-5 are the most common raw materials. Such alkylchlorosilanes can also be used for the preparation of various silicone oils and silicone rubbers. They can also perform as surface modifier for different surfaces treatment, especially for the production processing of personal care products or cosmetics.

Key Features of Alkyl & Alkoxy Silanes

As an ISO Certified manufacturer of alkyl silanes, Co-Formula is able to offer high purity silanes with high functionality. Most of Co-Formula alkyl silanes have the purity grade of minimum 99%. In addition to the high purity, Co-Formula’s alkyl silanes have limited Chlorine content. With the strict quality control system, Co-Formula can provide alkyl silanes with chlorine content of less than 10ppm.

Packing & Storage of Alkyl & Alkoxy Silanes

Most of Co-Formula alkyl silanes and alkoxy silanes are offered in 25L PE pails, 200L PVF steel drums or 1000L IBC containers. These products should be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place. Please contact Co-Formula team for any special request.

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