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Organic Silicone Materials
Methacryloxy Silanes

Methacryloxy Silanes

Methacryloxy Silanes

Methacryloxy silanes are organic compounds containing methacryloxy functional groups. Most of these silane coupling agents are colorless and clear liquid with a faintly sweet odor. Co-Formula offers several special methacryl functional silanes according to customers’ requirements. As a result of possessing two types of reactive groups, these methacryloxy silane coupling agents are capable of offering tight chemical bonding between organic polymers and inorganic surfaces.

Functions & Applications of Methacryloxy Silanes

Co-Formula methacryloxy silanes are widely used in a variety of industrial application fields. They can perform excellently as silane coupling agents, crosslinking agents, adhesion promoters and surface modifiers. Methacryl functional silanes can enhance the adhesion of organic polymers and inorganic substrates. Being used as coupling agents, these silanes can improve the physical and electrical properties of certain inorganic substrates, such as glass reinforced plastics (known as GFRP or FRP), mineral-filled thermosetting resins or polymers. Co-Formula methacryloxy silane coupling agents are favorable solutions for the production processing of water cross-lined polymers and resins, polyester resin concrete, mineral-filled elastomers, sol-gel composites and marbles.

CFS-850, 3-Methacryloylpropyltrimethoxysilane with Cas No. 2530-85-0 is a most commonly used functional silanes in current market. It is known as A-174, KH-570 or MEMO silane. Adhesion and durability of paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants will be highly improved with the presence of CFS-850. It can improve strength of glass fiber composites and enhance the mechanical and electrical properties of many mineral-filled or reinforced composites. Besides industrial use, CFS-850 is also used for dental sealant synthesis as an important coupling agent.

Management & Sales Status of Methacryloxy Silanes

With continuous investment in the manufacturing facilities and technical innovation, Co-Formula has established a strict quality and environment management system for silane coupling agents. As the ISO certified manufacturer of organic silicone materials, Co-Formula provide a series of methacryloxy silanes as well as made-to-order service. Please contact Co-Formula if any enquiries about methacryl silane coupling agents.


Co-Formula Methacryloxy Silanes Main Products

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