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Epoxy Silanes

Epoxy Silanes

Epoxy Silanes

Epoxy silanes are bifunctional organosilanes whose molecules consists of a reactive epoxy group and a hydrolysable alkoxy group. As the main series of silane coupling agents, epoxy silanes have the same capabilities to promote adhesion between organic polymers and inorganic materials. Suitable organic polymers include epoxy, urethane, acrylic, silicone and polysulfide resins. Suitable inorganic materials include glass, metals, dyes, fillers and minerals.

Key Features of Epoxy Silanes

Particularly, epoxy silanes possess a unique property, that is, non-yellowing adhesion. Compared with other functional silanes, for example, amino silanes, epoxy silanes are more stable and won't affect the color of the finished goods. This unique property allows epoxy silanes to be a more suitable adhesion promoter in various coating, sealants and adhesives fields.

Development Status of Epoxy Silanes

At Co-Formula, there are a lots of epoxy functional silanes available, not only commercial ones, but also silanes with special structures. Co-Formula epoxy offerings consist of regular silanes with epoxy and alkoxy groups and special dual-end type epoxy siloxanes. Experts from Co-Formula have been developing new epoxy silanes for a decade, which made Co-Formula became a leader in specialty epoxy silanes production.

Functions & Applications of Epoxy Silanes

Co-Formula epoxy silanes are mainly used as adhesion promoters in coatings, adhesives and sealants industry, where they can promote adhesion, improve inorganic filler dispersion, and especially, enhance anti-corrosive properties. Therefore, for epoxy silanes, marine coating is one of the most essential application fields.

In addition to general-purpose applications in solvent-based resins system, epoxy silanes can also be used in waterborne system. Waterborne coatings are much eco-friendlier than solvent-based coatings. It’s expected that market share of waterborne coatings will be expanded in near future.

More and more customers or end-users from semi-conductors and electricity industries purchase Co-Formula epoxy silanes. Their main end applications are for electronic packaging and electronic encapsulation. These epoxy silanes can improve electrical properties significantly in epoxy-based packaging and encapsulation compounds. Co-Formula epoxy silanes with limited Chlorine content can also enhance the safety and anti-corrosion properties of semiconductors or PCBs.


Co-Formula Epoxy Silanes Main Products

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