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Functional silanes are a group of organic silicone products containing a hydrolysable group and a nonhydrolyzable organic radical group. The structure enables functional silanes to build a molecular bridge between organic materials and inorganic substrates. Two materials with different properties can be bonded together by functional silanes, which can improve the mechanical properties of the composite. Functional silanes are widely used as coupling agents, adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, primers and water scavengers in adhesives and coatings industry. However, these monomeric silanes have some disadvantages such as low boiling points, low flashing points and high amounts of volatile organic components (VOC) in use.

Main Products of Functional Silanes Oligomers

To provide more eco-friendly options with high functionality, Co-Formula offers functional silanes oligomers for customers from various industries and markets. These oligomers are silanes combined with different or multifunctionalities in one molecule. The functional groups generally refer to amino, vinyl and alkyl groups. The oligomeric structure can reduce VOC amount significantly and improve physical properties.

For example, Oligomeric products based on amino silanes like CFS-302/AMEO or CFS-243/DAMO have excellent adhesion and outstanding hydrophobicity. Compared with the monomeric amino silanes, AMEO oligomers and DAMO oligomers release less VOC and can be shipped or used easier and safer. Meanwhile, better adhesion to inorganic materials can be obtained.

Vinyl Silanes Oligomers

Besides amino silanes oligomers, vinyl silanes oligomers are also the main oligomeric products at Co-Formula. Vinyl silanes oligomers based on VTMO or VTMOEO are mainly used for cables, coatings and sealants industries. These oligomeric products can act as an excellent silane compatibilizer between organic polymers and inorganic fillers or minerals, and very suitable for the processing of crosslinked cables (XLPE cables and Halogen-free flame- retardant cables). With high boiling point, high flash point, these vinyl silanes oligomers exhibit better performance during use and transportation.

Any enquiries about functional silanes oligomers, please consult Co-Formula.                    

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