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Organic Silicone Materials
Silane Modified Polymers

Silane Modified Polymers

Silane Modified Polymers

Silane modified polymers, also known as silane terminated polymers, are mainly used to formulate sealants and adhesives for construction, transportation and other industrial applications. In the region of Europe, America or Japan and other developed countries, the application history of silane modified polymers can be traced back to 1980s. But in China, silane modified polymers are still relatively new products.

Production Status of Silane Terminated Polymers

Co-Formula started to develop silane modified polymers three years ago. Current Co-Formula offerings are mainly based on polyether resins terminated with dialkoxy or trialkoxy silane end groups. They can also be described as silyl terminated polyether resins. There are several kinds of silyl terminated polyether polymers at Co-Formula with viscosities ranging from 1000mPa.s to 40000mPa.s.

Key Features of Sealants & Coatings based on CFS-MS Polymers

  • No isocyanate, solvent-free, low VOC;
  • Low color and odor;
  • Low viscosity, easy to use over a wide temperature range;
  • Significant adhesion to various substrates;
  • Good compatibility with resins and coatings;
  • Superior mechanical properties;
  • Excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance;
  • Longer shelf life;

Applications of Silane Terminated Polymers

Similar to other sealants and coatings, silane modified polyether polymers can be used with various inorganic fillers, plasticizers and other additives to provide lots of properties depending on the application. Main application areas are as follows.

Construction and architecture: Sealants and coatings based on Co-Formula silane terminated polymers are suitable for various types of seals such as building roof, air-conditioning system, cracks repairing, doors and windows, kitchen, toilet and other facilities;

Transport: Silane-terminated polymer sealants can be directly sprayed and sealed without primer, heating or other curing treatment. Their performance and superiority make them widely used in automobile, high-speed rail and shipbuilding industries.

Assembling: Silane-terminated polymer adhesives and sealants are also used for assembling various products because of their non-bubble formation during curing process, which does not affect the mechanical properties of materials.


Co-Formula Silane Modified Polymers Main Products

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