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Silane Coupling Agent Silane Coupling Agent

  • At Co-Formula, you may find a variety of functional silanes and specialty silanes with distinctive features. Commercial silanes here include Isocyanate Silanes, Amino Silanes, Epoxy Silanes, Phenyl Silanes, Vinyl Silanes, Mercapto Silanes, Alkyl Silanes, Chloro Silanes, Silane Crosslinkers and Long-chain Silanes.

  • With the presence of a functional group and hydrolyzable groups, most Co-Formula silanes are utilized as silane coupling agents, adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, surface modifiers and water scavengers. Paints and coatings, construction and architecture, adhesives and sealants, rubbers and plastics are the primary application fields of functional silanes.

  • As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of functional silanes, Co-Formula sincerely welcomes comments and enquiries from customers worldwide.

  • With the keen observation of a continuously growing interest in special applications of reactive silanes and siloxanes on the market, Co-Formula has been focusing on specialties since its establishment. A wide portfolio of Co-Formula special silanes and siloxanes are available for special requirements.

  • Co-Formula always focuses on linear silicone fluids(oils) and siloxanes for general purpose and specialty applications. You may find a series of methyl silicone oil and siloxane products at Co-Formula. These fluids are generally transparent and odorless liquids with various viscosities between 0.65cst and 100,000cst.

  • Co-Formula Silicone oils and siloxanes have superior resistance to heat, cold and moisture. Methyl silicone oils (known as polydimethylsiloxanes) are mainly used to produce diffusion pump oils, lubricants, release agents. They are also used as paints, cosmetics and textiles additives. Especially, silicone oil with high hydrogen, or called as methylhydrogenpolysiloxane is utilized for water repellent treatment of glass, powders, metals and fibers.

  • Co-Formula provides kinds of silane terminated polyether polymers, which are known as silyl terminated polymers (STP polymers) or MS polymers. Viscosities of Co-Formula STP polymers vary from 4000mPa.s to 42000mPa.s. Such eco-friendly liquid polymers are primarily used as for MS sealants and coating preparation, with excellent adhesion and weatherability.

  • Besides various silyl terminated polymers, you may also find oligomers of functional silanes, paint additives and plastic additives at Co-Formula. Focusing on cables manufacturing, Co-Formula has successfully developed a series of plastic additives and oligomer of vinyl silanes to improve powder dispersion and enhance tear-resistance and elongation properties.

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Co-Formula is recognized globally as a professional manufacturer and supplier of organosilicon materials. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to production and marketing of functional silanes, silicone fluids and siloxanes, polymers and additives. Today, our offerings are widely used in various fields, like construction, coatings, cosmetics, plastics, sealants, healthcare and electrical industry.

  • Deep expertise and superior manufacturing capabilities.

  • Long-term relationship with distributors and end-users from North and South America, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Australia. 

  • Best solution for customers applications and meet their needs. 

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Co-Formula offerings are widely used in a variety of industries and markets.

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