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Phenyl silanes are a group of functional silanes with a phenyl group and an alkoxy group. The phenyl group enables Co-Formula phenyl silanes to be utilized and perform excellently under high temperature. For high temperature silicone polymer synthesis, phenyl silanes can replace other functional silanes to act as crosslinking agents. Phenyl silanes are also used as electron donors in polypropylene polymerization.

Key Features of Phenyl Silanes

You may find about 10 kinds of phenyl silanes at Co-Formula. Most of Co-Formula phenyl silanes meet the purity standard of minimum 99%. As a leading phenyl silanes manufacturer, Co-Formula also controls chlorine content of phenyl silanes strictly. Phenyl silanes with Chlorine content of less than 10ppm are available nowadays.

Besides these superior data, Co-Formula phenyl silanes have been given the distinguishing feature of undetected PCBs. With improved production technology, Co-Formula eliminated the content of PCBs and the finished products can meet various national standards or limitation regarding PCBs.

Main Phenyl Silanes

These years, Co-Formula has been focusing on Southeast Asian market to promote phenyl silanes. With great reputation in the market, Co-Formula phenyl silanes have been exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries and regions regularly. CFS-921, Phenyltrimethoxysilane (PTMS), CFS-212, Phenylmethyldimethoxysilane and CFS-669, Diphenyldimethoxysilane (DDS) are the primary ones of phenyl functional group. At present, these phenyl silanes are specifically used as crosslinkers of organic resins, surface modifiers and dispersion agents of inorganic fillers, and hydrophobic additives to other silane coupling agents. They are also utilized as intermediates to produce phenyl silicone fluids.

Sales Status of Phenyl Silanes

In addition to regular phenyl functional silanes, you may also find other silanes at Co-Formula. According to different application fields and expected performance, Co-Formula is able to develop special phenyl silanes or siloxanes with nominated chemical structures. Please consult Co-Formula sales team to find more details about phenyl silanes.

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