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Chloro Silanes

Chloro Silanes

Chloro Silanes

There are a series of chloro silanes products at Co-Formula. Chloro silanes are a group of chlorine-containing chemicals which can react strongly with compounds containing active hydrogen, such as water, alcohol, phenol, silanol, organic acid, etc. to release hydrogen chloride. Every chloro silanes has at least one silicon-chlorine bond.

Functions & Applications of Chloro Silanes

Co-Formula chloro silanes are mainly used as essential intermediates of organic silicone materials synthesis and end-capping agents of silicone oils or silicone rubbers. These Chloro silanes offerings can be used as raw materials for the preparing of functional silanes or silane coupling agents. In the reaction with organic metal compounds, chlorine atoms of Co-Formula chloro silanes are replaced by corresponding organic groups to form organic chlorosilanes or organic functional silanes.

Co-Formula chloro silanes mainly consist of chloropropyl silanes and chloromethyl silanes. Chloropropyl silanes are mostly used to produce amino silanes and methacryloxy silanes. CFS-703, 3-Chloropropyltriethoxysilane with Cas No. 5089-70-3 is a key raw material of CFS-302, 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane with Cas No. 919-30-2. Chloropropyl silanes are also used as rubber processing additives to couple inorganic fillers in various halogenated rubber, such as chloroprene rubber, chlorinated butyl rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene and other halogenated rubber. With the presence of chloropropyl silanes, various physical and mechanical properties of composites can be greatly improved.

Co-Formula chloropropyl silanes can be also used for the preparation of antifungal and deodorant finishing agents, with special bactericidal, deodorant, antistatic and surface activity.

Similarly, Co-Formula chloromethyl silanes are put into use of amino silanes and alpha silanes production. CFS-955, Chloromethyltriethoxysilane with Cas No. 15267-95-5 is always acting as a raw material for the synthesis of CFS-765, Phenylaminomethyltriethoxysilane with Cas No. 3473-76-5 or CFS-479, Diethylaminomethyltriethoxysilane with Cas No. 15180-47-9.

Sales Status of Chloro Silanes

Besides commercial chloromethyl and chloropropyl silanes, Co-Formula can offer custom service and produce several special chloro silanes as a professional manufacturer. For more details, please contact Co-Formula customer service team directly.


Co-Formula Chloro Silanes Main Products

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