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Organic Silicone Materials
Coating & Plastic Additives

Coating & Plastic Additives

Coating & Plastic Additives

Focusing on customers mainly from coatings and plastics industries, Co-Formula has successfully developed a group of paint additives and plastic additives. These auxiliaries consist of filler or pigment dispersing agent, special dispersing agent and anti-scratch additives.

Plastic Additives for XLPE Cables & PEX-b Pipes

During the processing of crosslinked cables or pipes, Co-Formula filler dispersing agent can be coupled with inorganic fillers such as aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide or other inorganic fillers such as kaolin, titanium dioxide, talcum powder, to improve the compatibility of fillers with organic systems such as polyolefin (PP/PE), EVA, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber and thermosetting resin, and can be hydrophobically modified on the surface of inorganic fillers. These dispersing agents can replace A-172 silane, Evonik Dynasylan® 6598 or Dynasylan® 9896 directly as more favorable alternatives.

Paint Additives for Paint, Inks & Coating

Co-Formula dispersing agents for paints & inks are primarily used in solvent-based industrial coatings, automotive coatings or high-grade ink. With high dispersibility and wide compatibility with various resins, they have made a name for themselves in paints and inks industries. These dispersing agents can be used as the counterpart of SOLSPERSE 24000, SOLSPERSE 32500, TEGOMER V-SI 4042 and other famous international brands.

Main Coating & Plastic Additives

Part of coating additives and plastic additives at Co-Formula are listed as follows. There auxiliaries and additives are mostly made to order. Please check with our customer service team for stocks or inquiries.

Trade Code

Chemical Name



Mineral/Filler Dispersion Agent



Mineral/Filler Surface Modifier

Dynasylan 9896


Mineral/Filler (Titanium Dioxide) Surface Modifier

Dynasylan 9896


Water-borne Sol-gel System

Dynasylan SIVO 110


Anti-scratch Additive

Anti-Scratch 100


Solvent-free Additive of Plastic Compounds

V-Si 4042


Polyester Modified Siloxane Based Additive

H-Si 6441 P


Pigment/Filler Dispersion Agent

Efka® PX 4310


High Performance Dispersion Agent



40% Active High Performance Dispersion Agent



Pigment/Filler Dispersion Agent in Colorant System

IrCosperse™ 2155


Co-Formula Coating & Plastic Additives Main Products

  • MH/AH Powder Dispersing Agent
    CFS-A01, MH/AH powder dispersing agent is a hybrid modified functional organosiloxane, containing vinyl, alkoxy and alkyl functional groups. It can be coupled with inorganic fillers such as aluminum h... MH/AH Powder Dispersing Agent
  • Titanium Dioxide Dispersant
    CFS-A98, Titanium Dioxide Dispersant is a hybrid modified functional organosiloxane. It can be coupled with titanium dioxide to form an irreversible chemical bond. It can disperse titanium dioxide eff... Titanium Dioxide Dispersant
  • Pigment Dispersing Agent
    CFS-A43, pigment dispersing agent is obtained by controlled radical polymerization of functional organosiloxane. It is a pigment dispersant with specific molecular structure. It is mainly used in solv... Pigment Dispersing Agent
  • Pigment Dispersing Agent
    CFS-A24, is a 99% active ingredient polymer dispersant, which can improve the dispersion and stability of pigments in organic systems and offers improved flocculation, flood and float resistance. CFS-... Pigment Dispersing Agent
  • Pigment Dispersing Agent (Solvent-based)
    CFS-A25, is a 40% active ingredient polymeric dispersant in n-butyl acetate which can improve the dispersion and stability of pigments in liquid organic media. It is widely used in automotive coatings... Pigment Dispersing Agent (Solvent-based)

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