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Co-Formula silane intermediates refer to several ungrouped silanes which are always applied as pharmaceutical intermediates and other organic chemical intermediates. These silane intermediates containing functional groups, such as tert-butyl group, allyl group, cyclohexyl group, etc. have gained great reputation in a wide variety of application areas.

t-Butyl Silanes

Silanes with tert-butyl functional group are very important silylation reagents, which are widely used in pharmaceutical intermediates and organic synthesis.
Because the Si-C1 bond of molecular weight is very active, it can react with functional groups containing active hydrogen (such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino, etc.) in organic compounds to replace active hydrogen. Active hydrogen in organic compounds is substituted by dimethyl tert-butyl silyl group and becomes an intermediate product with high chemical stability, and the reactivity of other groups is not affected.
After the reaction, silyl can be removed by hydrolysis or alcoholysis without affecting other groups in the molecule and the protected activity can be restored. Therefore, tert-butyl chlorosilane can act as a protective agent for the groups of - OH, - NH2, - SH and so on. At present, Tert-butyl silanes have been widely used in the synthesis of antibiotics, insecticides, vitamins and other organic compounds.

Allyl Silanes

Allyl silanes with alkoxy groups are mainly used as silylation reagents. They can also act as allylation reagents for the synthesis of organic silicone compounds. Allyl silanes are important intermediates for chemicals synthesis.


CFS-326, Cyclohexylmethyldimethoxysilane with Cas No. 17865-32-6 is known as C-DONOR. It is an excellent electron donor and an additive of high-efficient carrier catalyst. CFS-326 plays an important role in improving catalyst activity, stereotaxy and prolonging active life. Other catalysts are also available at Co-Formula.

Other Intermediates

CFS-887, Bis(trimethylsiloxy)methylsilane with Cas No.1873-88-7 is a colorless clear liquid, also named as Heptamethyltrisiloxane. It contains highly active silicon-hydrogen bond, which is the basic raw material for synthesis of polyether modified trisiloxane. Polyether modified trisiloxane is a special surfactant, which can be widely used in pesticide additives, paint additives and so on.

Constrained by the low market demand and limited consumption, Co-Formula produces these intermediates unregularly. For more supply and application details about silane intermediates, please contact Co-Formula team.

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