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Co-Formula is a customer-focused fluorosilane coupling agent supplier and you may find at least 8 fluorosilane products synthesized for various advanced applications. Co-Formula fluoro silanes are a series of functional silanes containing a fluoro group and alkyl hydrolysable group.

Main Markets of Fluorosilane

Co-Formula fluoro functional silanes can be used for the synthesis of fluoro resins and fluoro copolymers. With superior waterproof and oil repellent properties, these fluoro silanes are always acting as anti-fingerprint agents and water repellent additives for mobile phone screens, camera lens and other glass products. Fluoro silane coupling agents can be used as auxiliaries of sol-gel system in paints and coatings, sealants and adhesives. Performing as surface modifiers and adhesion promoters, fluoro silane coupling agents are put into use for inorganic glasses or ceramics. With their presence, the bonding performance will be greatly improved between organic polymers and inorganic substrates.

Key Features & Functions of Fluorosilane

Fluoro functional silanes at Co-Formula have excellent UV resistance, weatherability and excellent friction resistance. They can be used as surface modifiers, which can make the surface produce hydrophobicity and oil-resistance characteristics. They can be used as surface modifiers for hydroxyl, carboxyl and oxygen-containing groups. They can be used for the production processing of sol-gel system, fluoro silicone resin synthesis, pigment surface modification(cosmetics), and can also be used for inorganic materials. The adhesion promoters between inorganic materials and organic fluoropolymers have excellent hydrophobic and antifouling effects.

Main Applications of Fluorinated Silanes

a) Ceramic and marble: Surface protection, waterproof and anti-fouling for surface treatment;
b) Metal: Anti-oxidation of various metals including copper, iron, aluminum, etc.
c) Fibers and textiles: Finishing agent of natural fibers (wool, cotton and leather, etc.) to reduce water holding capacity and improve surface hydrophobicity and anti-fouling;
d) Glass: Surface hydrophobicity, anti-fouling and anti-ultraviolet coating;
e) Concrete products: Surface protection to prevent waterproof spots, discoloration and anti-weathering;
f) Cultural relics and masonry: Surface protection, waterproof, anti-fouling and weathering prevention;
g) Agricultural plastic films: Obvious effect on improving dropping agent or fogging agent;
h) Wood: Surface treatment for waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion.

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