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Mercapto Silanes

Mercapto Silanes

Mercapto Silanes

Mercapto silanes are functional organosilanes that typically formulated with a hydrolysable alkoxy group and a reactive mercapto group. With the presence of mercapto group and alkoxy group, mercapto silanes can build a molecular bridge between organic resins and inorganic substrates. They are mainly utilized as adhesion promoters, surface modifiers, coupling agents and crosslinkers in a wide variety of application fields.

Main Mercapto Silanes at Co-Formula

Several mercapto silane options are available for customers at Co-Formula. Among them, CFS-740, 3-Mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane is the primary one with the largest consumption. In addition to this main item, Co-Formula also offers other mercapto silanes according to customer’s requirements. 3-Mercaptopropyltriethoxysilane, 3-Mercaptopropylmethyldimethoxysilane and 3-Mercaptomethyltrimethoxysilane are also commercial items available.

Main Markets of Mercapto Silanes

Most customers of Co-Formula mercapto silanes come from silicone rubbers and tires industry. Mercapto silanes are used in such rubbers and tires processing for polymers modification, inorganic minerals or fillers dispersion, and resin synthesis. Besides increasing the consumption of inorganic fillers, Co-Formula mercapto silanes can improve overall performances of composites. Specifically, mercapto silanes can improve mechanical and electrical properties of compounds; enhance the moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal resistance. Co-Formula mercapto silanes are capable of reducing the interactions more efficiently in UV cure systems. Superior influences on curing and vulcanizate properties in the compounds can be achieved with the utilization of Co-Formula mercapto silanes.

Key Features of Mercapto Silanes

General mercapto silanes are supplied as a yellowish liquid with a strong mercaptan odor. Mercaptan odor and yellow color gives limitation to mercapto silanes application. Technician at Co-Formula have been working on production technology improvement to lower the odor and color of mercapto silanes. And years ago, they succeeded. Mercapto silanes from Co-Formula are colorless transparent liquid with a slightly odor. Such improvement enables Co-Formula to maintain the smooth production, even under strict environmental supervision from local governments. Co-Formula will continue to be a dependable and an eco-friendly mercapto silanes suppliers in China.


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Co-Formula Mercapto Silanes Main Products

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