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CFS-343, Methyltriacetoxysilane, Cas No. 4253-34-3

Methyltriacetoxysilane Typtical Properties:

Chemical Name


Cas No





Colorless or light yellow


Clear liquid or White crystal powder


min 95%


Methyltriacetoxysilane Description

CFS-343, Methyltriacetoxysilane is a silane crosslinker with a hydrolysable acetoxy group. It is sensitive to rapid hydrolysis and acetic acid and trisilanols will be produced following hydrolysis. It is normally abbreviated as MTAS.

Methyltriacetoxysilane Application

CFS-343 is an important crosslinker for RTV silicone rubbers. It can be used together with other acetoxysilane such as CFS-089, Vinyltriacethoxysilane.
CFS-343 can be used in micro and nanoparticle surface modification for inorganic fillers.
CFS-343 can be also used as a coupling agent, an adhesion promoter in the synthesis of various organic silicone compounds.

Methyltriacetoxysilane Packaging

CFS-343 is offered in 25L PE pails, 200L PVF steel drums and 1000L IBC totes.
Please contact Co-Formula team for any special packaging request.

Methyltriacetoxysilane Storage

CFS-343 should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place, and avoid exposure to humidity.
CFS-343 should be stored in its original containers and used up as soon as possible after opening.
When stored in a strictly sealed and unopened container, CFS-343 has a shelf life of 12months.

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