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Personal Care

Personal Care

Silicone fluids, cyclic and dual-end siloxanes and fluoro silanes have been widely used in personal care and cosmetic products. These offerings from Co-Formula are a series of colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-irritating products. They have good chemical stability, excellent heat and cold resistance, weather resistance, superior hydrophobicity, lubricity, high refractive index, storage stability and compatibility with common personal care and cosmetic products.

Personal care and cosmetics products prepared with Co-Formula offerings have excellent properties and features as follows.

  • Skin care products can not only moisturize the skin, form a protective coating of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents, but also maintain the normal breathing of the skin and treat dermatitis and eczema.
  • Cosmetics can form a thin hydrophobic film on the skin surface, not afraid of soaping, and effectively prolong the role of nutritional cream and medicinal cream. The debonding property of Co-Formula silicone oil makes it compatible with Vaseline, paraffin, beeswax and lanolin to get non-sticky products. Volatile silicone oil can give cosmetics quick-drying, smooth and anti-fouling properties.
  • Sunscreen will not be lost due to sea water or sweat. It can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging;
  • Foundation cream can protect skin from pigments and solvents;
  • The antiperspirant and deodorant agent has no irritation and sensitization to the skin. They can reduce pore blockage, clean the skin and remove stains;
  • Hair care products such as hair oil, hair cake, mousse, etc., can make hair with arbitrary humidity combed into a desired hairstyle, and can effectively prevent external moisture soaking or hair moisture evaporation imbalance. Hair oil and other hair care products containing silicone oil can make hair soft, smooth, not tangled, and maintain a stable hairstyle, reduce blow setting time.
Besides above listed products, Co-Formula silicone fluids, siloxanes and fluoro silanes can also serve lipstick, powder, eyelash oil, eye oil, cosmetic pencil, nail polish, perm and blush and other cosmetics. For more details, please contact Co-Formula.