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Electronic and Electrical Components

Electronic and Electrical Components

High performance organic silicone materials have been playing an essential role in the fields of electronics and electrical appliances. Co-Formula organosilicon materials can provide perfect sealing performance and protect extremely sensitive circuits, semiconductors and electronic equipment from heat, pollution and accidental damage. Presence of organosilicon materials can ensure the stability and durability of many electronic products. In addition, organosilicon materials will not corrode or self-ignite, which meets the most stringent requirements of safety and purity in the production process of electronic products.

Co-Formula organosilicon materials have excellent properties which make them suitable for automotive, aeronautics and astronautics, household appliances, circuit board and electronic module, semiconductor, microelectronics and microprocessor, electronic correspondence and power industries.

More specifically, Co-Formula Dimethyl silicone oil is widely used in electrical machinery, electrical appliances and electronic instruments as insulation medium of high temperature resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture proof and dust prevention. It is also used as transformer and electric container oil, which can reduce the volume of transformer, increase power, improve safety and achieve pollution-free.

With easy processability, good dynamic, thermal stability and electrical insulation performance, Co-Formula silicone oil transformer can reduce many daily maintenances, especially its high flash point and high ignition point, as well as the self-combustion performance of silica decomposition, which makes it have anti-flashover and fire safety.

Moreover, Co-Formula silane coupling agents can be used as adhesion promoters and surface treatments to protect and enhance the bonding of various composites. These functional silanes are mainly serving to produce sealants, adhesives and coatings which are used for electronic and electrical materials. Silane coupling agents are also regarded as one of the most important and indispensable chemicals in electronic glass fiber fabric and PCB industry. Co-Formula is always ready to provide silane coupling agents with high purity and low chlorine content for customers in this market. For more details, please consult Co-Formula.