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Introduction to the Use of Fluoro SilaneKH-1331

Fluoro silaneKH-1331 is a silane containing fluoroalkyl functional groups. It has the advantages of high heat resistance, high chemical stability, and low surface free energy. It has excellent UV resistance, weather ability, and excellent friction resistance. It can be used as a surface modifier, which can make the surface produce hydrophobicity/oil characteristics. It can be used as a surface modifier for hydroxyl, carboxyl, and oxygen-containing groups. It can be used in sol-gel raw materials, fluorosilicone resin synthetic raw materials, pigment surface modification (cosmetics), and can also be used as inorganic materials. Adhesion promoter between material and fluoropolymer has an excellent hydrophobic and antifouling effect.

Directions of application: 1. Waterproof and anti-fouling and anti-weathering treatment of cultural relics and masonry; 2. Waterproof spots, Baihua and anti-weathering treatment of concrete products; 3. The agricultural plastic film has an obvious effect on improving dropping agent or fogging agent; 4. Waterproof and anti-fouling of ceramic and marble surfaces; 5. Anti-oxidation of metal (copper, iron, aluminum, etc.); 6. Finishing of natural fibers (wool, cotton, and leather, etc.) to reduce water holding capacity and improve surface hydrophobicity and anti-fouling; 7. Surface hydrophobicity and anti-fouling of glass and anti-ultraviolet coating; 8. Waterproof and anti-fouling and anti-corrosion treatment of wood and products.