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Application of Silane Coupling Agent A-171


The chemical name of silane coupling agent A-171 is vinyltrimethoxysilane, which has different roles in different industries.

1. Silane coupling agent A-171 in engineering plastics industry

Silane Coupling Agent A-171 is a reactive silane coupling agent, suitable for various complex shapes and all densities of polyethylene and copolymers, and suitable for larger processing latitude, filled composite materials, etc. It has advantages of higher use temperature, excellent resistance to pressure cracking, memory, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

2. Silane coupling agent A-171 in the cable industry

Silane coupling agent A-171 can be grafted to the polymer backbone to modify polyethylene and other polymers, so that their side chains have ester groups of this product, which serve as active sites for warm water cross-linking. The grafted polyethylene can be made into shaped products, such as cable sheathing and insulation, pipes or other extruded and molded products.

3. Copolymerization of silane coupling agent A-171 and emulsion

Silane coupling agent A-171 can be copolymerized with acrylic coatings to make special exterior wall coatings, called silicon-acrylic exterior wall coatings. It has the characteristics of weather resistance and dust resistance; it is also a good accelerator used for bonding silicon rubber to metal and fabric.