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Epoxy Silanes for Marine Coating


With the reciprocating impact of sea waves on metal components and the corrosion of metal materials by seawater, marine organisms and their metabolites, the marine environment has become an extremely harsh corrosive environment. The corrosion types of steel structures in marine engineering include galvanic corrosion, cavitation corrosion, wear corrosion, impact corrosion, hydrogen evolution corrosion, and oxygen absorption corrosion, etc. So whether in seawater or on the surface of the submarine, all need to use high strength, corrosion resistant materials, and make corrosion protection. Therefore, the search for the most suitable marine anticorrosive coating has aroused people's wide attention.

Therefore, it has been found that the epoxy silanes for marine coating has strong heat and cold resistance, excellent mildew resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and electrical insulation, and can be modified by adding different fillers or pigments to enhance its heat resistance, insulation and weather resistance, making it more suitable for marine corrosion protection.

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