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Silane Modified Polymer - Safe and Environmental Adhesive Raw Material under High Dynamic Load


 In 1963, General Motors first attached windshields to test vehicles, replacing rubber gaskets with adhesive. In 1978, bonding technology became a standard practice in the U.S. auto industry and became popular around the world. The reason is that the bonding process is more economical and efficient, and the effective connection between components and the load-bearing structure such as the body or frame is realized, which greatly improves the safety of the vehicle.

The advantages of silane modified polymer as vehicle adhesive are as follows:

1. High strength

It can be used to prepare shear material with high tensile strength to realize the perfect combination of high elasticity and high tear strength. In the field of automotive adhesives, shear strength, elongation at break and tear strength have always been the hard indicators to test the mechanical properties of products. The shear strength of the product prepared by silane modified polymer is up to 5N/mm, the elongation at break is about 700%, and the tear strength is up to 16N/mm.

2. Safety and environmental protection

Silane modified polymer can cure quickly without adding organotin catalyst, and does not contain any volatile cyanate ester, with lower VOC content and more environmental protection.

3. Stable and reliable

After curing, the product made of silane modified polymer has excellent storage stability, non-volatilization, insensitive to environmental temperature and humidity, and has excellent uv resistance.

With light weight, environmental protection and construction convenience becoming the mainstream direction of the future development of rail transit and automobile industry, and health and safety regulations related to adhesives and sealants becoming increasingly stringent, the market demand for adhesives with high environmental protection, safety and durability is continuously increasing. Therefore, the silane modified polymer adhesive which is safer, more environmentally friendly, more convenient and more durable has become the future trend.