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The Usage of Vinyltrimethoxysilane


Vinyltrimethoxysilane has the following usages:

1. It is used for polyethylene cross-linking to manufacture wire and materials for cable insulation and protection. Compared with the general peroxide cross-linking and radiation cross-linking, its cross-linking process needs much simpler equipment, less investment, is easier to control, can be applied to a wider range of density of polyethylene, is suitable for the production of special-fan-shaped cores, and has the characteristics of high extrusion speed. Due to the silane cross-linked polyethylene has excellent electrical properties, good heat resistance, and stress crack resistance, this product is widely used in the manufacture of wires, materials for insulation and protection.

2. Vinyltrimethoxysilane is used for polyethylene cross-linking to manufacture heat-resistant pipes, hoses, and films. The cross-linked polyethylene made from Vinyltrimethoxysilane as the cross-linking agent has good aromatic resistance, oil resistance, stress cracking resistance, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, and other advantages. Moreover, it can be used for 50 years under the temperature of 80 ℃. It can be used for the anticorrosive and thermal insulation outer protective layer of petroleum long-distance pipelines, natural gas and gas pipelines, and the matching materials for anticorrosion and thermal insulation heat shrinkable sleeves. What’s more, Vinyltrimethoxysilane can be used to manufacture the water pipes and hot water pipes for civil houses.

3. It is used to impregnate glass fiber and inorganic silicon-containing fillers to improve the infiltration and adhesion of resin and glass fiber, thereby effectively improving the mechanical strength and electrical properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic and plastic laminates, especially the wet mechanical strength and electrical performance. It also significantly improves the weather resistance, water-resistance, and heat resistance of FRP, extending the service life of the product. In addition, it gives a better electromagnetic wave transmission to the product.

4. Vinyltrimethoxysilane is used to make special coatings that can be copolymerized with acrylic series monomers to form special exterior wall coatings, which are called silicon-acrylic exterior wall coatings. The coating has the characteristics of weather resistance, dust resistance, and can be easily scrubbed.