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What are the Main Uses of Dimethyl Silicone Fluid?


Dimethyl silicone fluid is widely used in insulation, heat resistant, moisture-proof filler, efficient defoamer, release agent, lubricant and surface treatment agent. The industries involved are daily chemical industry, rubber, plastic, latex, machinery, automobile, electronics and electrical appliances, clothing industry, leather industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and some new materials industry.

1. Daily chemical industry

It is used for skin care cream, bath lotion, shampoo and other cosmetics formula, with excellent soft effect and silky feel, improving the moisturizing and protection of the skin, and so on.

2. Plastics industry

Due to the non-viscosity of dimethyl silicone fluid with rubber, plastics, metals, it is used as a release agent, isolation agent, brightener in the production of rubber, plastics, latex, polyurethane products and crafts, making the surface of products clean, smooth, clear texture.

3. Machinery, automobile, electrical appliances and other industries

In machinery, automobile, instrument, electronics and other industries, it is used as high-grade lubricating oil, liquid spring, cutting fluid, buffer oil, transformer oil, high and low temperature brake oil, brake oil, instrument damping oil, frame mold release agent, etc. It can also be used as a liquid spring in aircraft landing gear.

4. Textile and clothing industry

It is used as softener, moisture repellent, handle improver agent, sewing line lubrication, chemical fiber spinel lubrication and clothing pressure liner, defoaming agent, etc.

5. Leather and leather chemical industry

Leather and leather chemical industry will add other additives, and use it as a soft agent, moisture repellent, handle improver agent, defoaming agent, brightener, etc.

6. Medicine and food

Medicine, food industry will use it as antifoaming agent, lubricant, etc. Dimethyl silicone fluid has no toxicity to human body and is not decomposed by body fluids, so it is also widely used in medical and health services.

7. Paint, ink and other industries

It can be used as paint brightener, because adding a small amount of silicone oil into the paint can make the paint no floating package, wrinkle and improve the brightness of paint film. Adding a little silicone oil to the ink can improve the printing quality. Adding a little silicone oil to the polishing oil (such as car polish) can increase the brightness, protect the paint film, and have a good waterproof effect.

8. New materials industry

It is used for other specific purposes or copolymerized with other materials to produce new materials.