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Application Fields of Phenyl Trimethoxysilane


Characteristic test of phenyltrimethoxysilane:

The hydrolysis kinetics of phenyl trimethoxysilane catalyzed by trifluoromethylsulfonic acid was studied by gas chromatography. The effects of temperature, water consumption and catalyst dosage on hydrolysis were investigated. The results show that the amount of water will lead to the change of hydrolysis reaction order. In the case of excess water, the hydrolysis reaction can be described as a first-order reaction; when the amount of water is reduced below the theoretical amount, the initial hydrolysis reaction is a first-order reaction, and the number of reaction orders changes to a second-order reaction with the consumption of water. In the range of 297-324k, the effect of temperature on hydrolysis rate is obvious. The higher the temperature is, the faster the hydrolysis rate is, and the activation energy of hydrolysis reaction is 37.83 kJ every mol. The reaction rate increased with the increase of the amount of catalyst.

Application field of phenyltrimethoxysilane

1. It is mainly used as the crosslinking agent of silicone resin and also the raw material of phenyl silicone oil

2. Improve the thermal stability of other silanes.

3. It is used as raw material for the preparation of polymer organic compounds.

4. Electronic material processing

5. It can be used to treat wollastonite, aluminum hydroxide and other inorganic fillers, which can make the surface of these inorganic fillers hydrophobic, thus increasing their dispersion in the polymer. Cg-p13 is especially suitable for polymers that need to be processed at high temperature, reducing the melting viscosity of polymers.

Packaging and precautions of phenyltrimethoxysilane

5.◆It must be sealed for storage, keep away from light and ventilation, and polymerization will occur under the action of moisture and heat.

6. ◆It should have 5 kilograms of the plastic bucket packaging.

7. ◆ It is slightly irritating to the skin and eyes, so protective devices should be provided when using.

8. ◆ It should be dampproof, waterproof, and keep away from fire and heat source. Non inflammable goods shall be transported as ordinary chemicals. The shelf life of phenyl trimethoxysilane is one year.