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Applications Of Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid


Application in the field of cosmetics:

The application of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid in cosmetics, started in the United States in the 1950s, started in Japan the 1960s, started China in the 1970s. But in the last ten years, it has developed and spread very fast. Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid has been widely used in hair washes, care products, skin care products, and make-ups. The most widely used one is methyl hydrogen silicone fluid. The use of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid in cosmetics has the following characteristics:
1)Tasteless and colorless, without affecting the appearance and aroma of the final product;
2)Good use of lightness and stretch;
3)Good hydrophobicity and smoothness;
4)No irritation to skin and high safety to human body;
5)With good gas permeability, it does not interfere with skin breathing;
6)With chemical stability, it no reaction with other cosmetic ingredients.

For example, the use of medium viscosity methyl hydrogen silicone fluid in various skin care products can improve the skin extensibility of cosmetics and it plays a protective role. Adding methyl hydrogen silicone fluid to face mask or lipstick can improve the dispersion of pigment, improve the extensibility and sense of use. Adding methyl hydrogen silicone fluid in mousse can improve carding property. Adding a small amount of hydrogen silicone fluid to the shaving cream can play a role of lubricating between the skin and blade. The quality grade of hydrogen silicone fluid used in cosmetics should be different from that of industrial products. Choose it carefully.

Application in medical and food fields:

Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid has no toxicity to human body and is not decomposed by body fluids. Therefore, it is widely used in medical and health undertakings. The United States, Japan have special standards of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid for medical use (100~1000mPa•s), China has also included it in the pharmacopoeia. It is mainly used as an additive for external use and as a component of gastrointestinal drugs. It has been applied practically, but hydrogen silicone fluid cannot be used in the blood system. By making use of its antifoaming effect, it has been made into an oral tablet for stomach and intestine antiswelling and a pulmonary edema antifoaming aerosol. Adding hydrogen silicone fluid to the ointment can improve the penetration ability of the drug to the skin and improve the efficacy. Some plasters based on hydrogen silicone fluid have good effects on scalds, dermatitis, bedsores, etc. The anticoagulant effect of hydrogen silicone fluid can be used to treat the surface of blood reservoir and prolong the storage time of blood sample.

When methyl hydrogen silicone fluid is used in the food production process, some countries have stipulated in the food law that the dry degree range of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid is 300~600mPa•s, and there is a special grade brand. It is mainly used for defoaming and stripping in food manufacturing and anti-sticking in food packaging.