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  • Production and application of methyl hydrogen silicone fluid

    Methyl hydrogen silicone fluid is the earliest organosilicon polymer used commercially. it is widely used in electrical, mechanical, coating, medical and other sectors of the national economy because ...

  • Application And Precautions Of Epoxy Silane

    1. Epoxy silane improves the strength of hard composites reinforced with glass fiber roving2. Epoxy silane enhances the electrical properties of epoxy resin based electronic sealants, packaging materi...

  • Physicochemical Property Of Epoxy Silane

    Appearance and Physical state of epoxy silane: liquid color: colorless to light yellow, aromaticHealth hazard: it is harmful in contact with skin or by inhalation. Cause minor skin irritation and seri...

Co-Formula First Show in Interlakokraska 2019 (Moscow, Russia)

Co-Formula made a successful show in Interlakokraska 2019 in this early March. Once again, we thank you for visiting our booth in this exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

In this coating show, Co-Formula presented several kinds of silicone fluids and silane coupling agents to customers worldwide. Co-Formula solutions for paints and coatings generated positive responses during this 4days exhibition. For further detailed information about functional silanes, silicone oils, please contact our sales team directly.
show in Interlakokraska show in Interlakokraska