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  • Use And Precautions Of Vinyl Silane

    Vinyl silane is soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in water at PH 7, but soluble in acidic water at PH3-3.5.Vinyl silane has the function of coupling agent and crosslinking agent, whose suitable p...

  • Risk Of Vinyl Silane Use

    As a common vinyl silane, vinyl trimethoxysilane is suitable for polyethylene and copolymer of all kinds of complex shapes and densities, as well as for composite materials with large processing proce...

  • Basic Introductions Of Chloro Silane

    Chloro silane is a chemical that reacts violently with compounds containing reactive hydrogen.Chloro silane can react violently with compounds containing active hydrogen, such as water, alcohol, pheno...

Co-Formula First Show in Interlakokraska 2019 (Moscow, Russia)

Co-Formula made a successful show in Interlakokraska 2019 in this early March. Once again, we thank you for visiting our booth in this exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

In this coating show, Co-Formula presented several kinds of silicone fluids and silane coupling agents to customers worldwide. Co-Formula solutions for paints and coatings generated positive responses during this 4days exhibition. For further detailed information about functional silanes, silicone oils, please contact our sales team directly.
show in Interlakokraska show in Interlakokraska