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CFS-A24 Pigment Dispersing Agent [Alternative:SOLSPERSE 24000];
CFS-A25 Pigment Dispersing Agent(Solvent-based) [Alternative: SOLSPERSE 32500]

1. Co-Formula Pigment Dispersing Agent can increase pigment concentration. Not only does it increase the yield, but it also reduces potential media incompatibility problems from grinding the pigment paste until the final product.

2. Paint tinting intensity indicates the intensity of the color hue on the applied surface. By increasing the tinting intensity, the paint will look brighter and more attractive. Lowering the average particle size of the pigment will increase the color intensity. Increasing the pigment content of the abrasive pigment paste increases the collision of particles with each other and increases the pigment breakage rate, but it also increases the viscosity and reduces the kinetic energy of grinding, making the abrasive spheres or beads less capable of breaking the pigment. The use of Co-Formula Pigment Dispersing Agent can change this change. The use of Co-Formula Pigment Dispersing Agent allows higher concentrations of pigments to be ground, resulting in more rapid particle breakage while preventing an increase in viscosity during the grinding process. Co-Formula Pigment Dispersing Agent enable finer particles to have increased collision stability and not flocculate, thus making full use of their intrinsic coloring strength.

3. VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are organic solvents in the system that volatilize into the air. the lower the VOC, the less potential pollution to the air. This requires an increase in the solid content of the coating. With ordinary low solid content coatings, the effect of pigments on viscosity is not as great as that of resin solvents. However, high solid content coatings have less solvent and the resin is low viscosity, so that the pigment has a greater effect on the viscosity. Co-Formula Pigment Dispersing Agent significantly reduce the effect of pigments on viscosity by reducing the mutual attraction between particles. Therefore, for high solid content coatings, the addition of Co-Formula Pigment Dispersing Agent will significantly reduce the viscosity. Or, less solvent will be used for the same viscosity.