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Use of Vinyltriethoxysilane


1. Used for polyethylene crosslinking manufacturing wire, cable insulation and sheath materials

Vinyltriethoxysilane is an important crosslinking agent for crosslinking polyethylene. Compared with the general peroxide crosslinking and radiation crosslinking, the crosslinking process of vinyl triethoxylsilane has the advantages of simple equipment, less investment, easy control, wide application density range of polyethylene, suitable for the production of special shaped sector core, and high extrusion speed. It is also an excellent material to prevent the high frequency deterioration caused by the deformation of the insulator during welding and the thermal deformation of the electrical insulator. It can also be used in submarine communication cables, long-distance symmetric high-frequency communication cables, control cables, etc.

2. For polyethylene crosslinking agent heat resistant pipe, heat resistant pipe and film

Crosslinked polyethylene (XLDPE) has good aromatics resistance, oil resistance, stress cracking resistance, high mechanical strength, and good thermal properties. It can be used as the anticorrosive thermal insulation outer protective layer for oil long distance pipelines, natural gas pipelines and gas pipelines, as well as the supporting anticorrosive thermal insulation heat shrinkable bushing filler material. Vinyltriethoxysilane can also be used in the cross-linking of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, chlorinated polyethylene, ethylene - acrylic acid - ethylene vinegar copolymer.

3. Suitable for impregnating glass fiber and inorganic silicon packing

Improve the infiltration and adhesion of resin and glass fiber, so as to effectively improve the mechanical strength and electrical properties of glass and plastic laminated products, espacially wet mechanical strength and electrical properties. The weather resistance, water resistance, heat resistance and service life of FRP products are also improved significantly. In addition, it also gives the products better electromagnetic wave transmission.

4. Copolymerization with a variety of monomers can be made into special coatings

The coating has excellent electrical properties and anti-damp and heat, anti-salt spray and anti-mold. It is suitable for coating and protection of aerospace, radio communication, radar, electronic components and other advanced national defense products and aircraft.

5. Used for treating special rubber filler

By treating the filler of special rubber, the dispersion property of the filler can be improved, so that the mixing proportion of the filler and the rubber can be increased and the tear strength of the rubber can be improved. It can also improve the adhesion between rubber and metal and fabric.

6. Sealant used for preparing plastic sealing materials for electronic components

In 1, 2 polybutadiene plastic sealing material, the filling agent quartz powder is treated with vinyltriethoxysilane to improve the surface three-way combination of polybutadiene resin and quartz powder, enhance the densification of plastic, so as to improve the moistureproof ability of plastic sealing material.