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The effect of the coupling agent is mainly achieved by the surface modification of the filler, so when we choose the coupling agent, we first select the corresponding coupling agent for different fillers. The functional groups at both ends of the coupling agent interact with the dispersed phase of the filler and the matrix polymer, respectively. Due to different fillers, the coupling effect is very different. The most widely used coupling agents are silane coupling agents.

Silane coupling agent has a significant effect on silica, alumina, glass fiber, clay, silicate, silicon carbide, etc., and has a significant effect on talc, clay, aluminum hydroxide, wollastonite, iron powder, alumina, etc. The effect is slightly worse, and it has little effect on asbestos, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide, etc., and has little effect on calcium carbonate, graphite, carbon black, barium sulfate, calcium sulfate, etc. For fillers with silanol groups on the surface, the coupling effect of silane coupling agents is large, while for carbonates, sulfates, sulfites, etc. of calcium, magnesium, and barium, the coupling effect of silane coupling agents is less obvious. . If the surface of filler particles without silanol groups is treated with a hydrosol of silica, and then a silane coupling agent is used, a better coupling effect will be produced at this time. This treatment method is called double coating method.

Commercial products of Co-Formula include isocyanate silane, amino silane, epoxy silane, mercaptosilane, phenylsilane, vinyl silane, chlorosilane, alkyl silane, long-chain silane, silane crosslinking agent, dimethyl silicone oil, methyl hydrogen silicone oil type siloxane. In addition to these general-purpose products, Co-Formula can also provide coatings and plastic additives, silicone polymers and customized solutions for customers around the world. If it is necessary, please feel free to consult us.