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Introduction to the co-formula Silanes (3)

This product has excellent water repellency, oil repellency and anti reflectivity. It can be used for waterproof, antifouling and self cleaning treatment of glass, ceramics, granite, tiles, natural stone and wood plastic composite materials, anti fouling coating for building materials, additives for sol-gel system, synthesis of fluorosilicone resin, surface coating of cosmetics, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and so on.

It is mainly used in the tackifier of water-based coatings to improve the yellowing resistance, adhesion and washability of the coatings;
It is mainly used in acrylic and polyurethane water-based coatings as adhesion promoter and cross-linking agent to improve the yellowing resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, washability and adhesion of the coatings and extend the storage period in water-based resins;
It can be used as adhesive for epoxy resin and base material, improve the electronic materials, potting materials, especially the electrical properties in wet state.

It combines the excellent properties of organosilicon and organofluorine. In its molecule, it has the reaction groups which can combine with inorganic materials (such as glass, silica sand, metal, etc.) and organic materials (such as synthetic resin, rubber, etc.), which can connect the two materials with different properties, improve the performance of composite materials and increase the bonding strength Use.