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Low Viscosity Dimethyl Silicone Fluid in Cosmetics


Commonly we will choose different cosmetic accroding to different skin types and different seasons. For example, peolple who has dry skin or live in autumn and winter are more suitable for moisturizing and hydrating products. People who has oily skin or live in hot summer suits refreshing texture products. According to the different market demands, the formulators will also make different viscosity products. When researching and developing toner products, the dimethyl silicone fluid with low viscosity has become the preferred oil for the formulators.

In fact, with the increase of degree of polymerization, the viscosity of dimethyl silicone fluid will also increase, low viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid generally includes 5, 10, 20cSt three viscosity. Compared with conventional medium viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid (50, 100, 200, 350, 500, 1000 cSt), low viscosity dimethyl silicone oil has a fresher skin sensation due to its lower viscosity. Our daily use of fresh non-sticky type of skin care products and hair care products are using low viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid.

In addition to the better skin-sensitivity, the low viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid will also be more convenient in the formulation process due to the compatibility of the low viscosity. Experiments have shown that the low viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid can be perfectly compatible with the common No.26 and No.15 white oil, avoiding the emulsification problems caused by the conventional viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid. Excellent compatibility, light skin feeling and excellent solubility of a variety of common oils make low viscosity dimethyl silicone fluid be applied in the oil, water oil, oil system, which is worth being called a universal oil for skin care and hair care.