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1. The role of silane coupling agent KH-792 in water-based coatings

In the boundary layer between the paint base and the substrate, the silane coupling agent KH-792 interacts with the paint base to form a network structure in which the silane and the paint base penetrate each other. Such a structure enhances its cohesion and stability against water erosion, and makes it easy to transfer stress from a high modulus substrate to a low modulus paint base, thereby significantly improving the adhesion to the substrate.

The silane coupling agent KH-792 treats the pigment or filler to make it easily wetted by the base material. The pigment or filler is dispersed and stable in the base material to prevent precipitation and agglomeration. After the filler surface is modified by silane coupling agent KH-792, the viscosity of the coating is greatly reduced. Even if the addition of pigments and fillers is increased, the fluidity of the coating will not be affected, and it will increase the output of the coating and reduce the production cost.

With the rapid development of high-performance and high-functional coatings, the application of silicones in functional coatings is gradually increasing. This puts forward new and higher requirements on the performance of silane coupling agents and the application technology, which requires the development of new and unique silanes. Only in this way can we achieve excellent application effects, and develop from single use to multiple simultaneous use.

2. Introduction of silane coupling agent SI69

Silane coupling agent SI69 is a light yellow to brown transparent liquid with a slight smell of ethanol. The silane coupling agent application is wide.

Silane coupling agent SI69 can be dissolved in ethanol, ketones, benzene, acetonitrile, formamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is a multifunctional silane coupling agent that is often used in the rubber industry to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber. The tensile strength, tear resistance and wear resistance can all be significantly improved. Permanent deformation can be reduced, and at the same time it can also reduce the viscosity of the rubber compound, heat build-up, and improve processing performance.

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