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What is The Filler Dispersing Agents


Most of the fillers used in coatings exist in the form of a mixture of agglomeration and condensation of primary particles. If these filler particles of different sizes cannot be dispersed into smaller particles or primary particles, making them into the stable dispersion system that will no longer have aggregation or flocculation, it will cause defects such as flocculation, coarsening, sedimentation, floating color, reduced gloss, decreased tinting power and hiding power.

Filler dispersing agents is an interfacial active substance that can improve the stability of the filler dispersion system. The dispersing agents added in the liquid medium can attach itself on the surface of the filler that is crushed into fine particles to form an adsorption layer, generating charge repulsion and steric hindrance, preventing the dispersed filler particles once again form harmful flocculation and keeping the dispersion system in a stable suspension state.

The surface of the filler dispersing agents is basically non-polar, so the low-molecular-weight filler dispersing agents is difficult to be adsorbed for a long time. It is necessary to use higher-molecular-weight dispersing agents or polymer dispersing agents containing anchoring groups.

The CFS-A43 filler dispersing agents produced by Hubei Co-Formula Material Tech Co.,Ltd. is a dark yellow or wine red filler dispersing agent with a specific molecular structure. It is mainly used in solvent-based industrial coatings, automotive coatings, or advanced inks. It has high dispersibility and wide compatibility with a variety of solvent-based resins. If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with the best service.