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Application And Precautions Of Epoxy Silane

1. Epoxy silane improves the strength of hard composites reinforced with glass fiber roving

2. Epoxy silane enhances the electrical properties of epoxy resin based electronic sealants, packaging materials and printed circuit boards.

3. Epoxy-silane enhances the electrical properties of many inorganic filled nylon, polybutene and p-phenyldiester composites.

4. Benefits of epoxy silane : Epoxy sealant filled with quartz, premixed formula. Epoxy resin concrete repair materials or coatings filled with sand and epoxy resin materials used for molding tools and metal filling.

5. Epoxy silane eliminates the need for independent primers in polysulfide and polyurethane sealants and caulking compounds.

6. Epoxy silane improves the adhesion of two-component epoxy structural adhesives.

7. Epoxy silane improves the adhesion of aqueous acrylic latex sealant and sealant based on polyurethane and epoxy resin coatings.

8. Epoxy silane improve adhesives solubility, dispersion and liquidity in organic toner.

9. Epoxy silane should be stored in a sealed container in a dry place at room temperature with a shelf life of one year.