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General Application and Use of Amino Silanes

General application of amino silanes
1. The surface of the aircraft window glass is treated with amino silanes to prevent ice formation;

2. When the inorganic fiber is dyed or printed, adding amino silanes or epoxysilane to the dyebath can improve the color fastness;

3. Adding amino silanes to the sand layer can effectively improve the compressive strength of the sand layer, thereby preventing collapse accidents caused by oil exploitation and transportation;

4. In the process of crude oil transportation, if a small amount of anti-knotishing agent prepared by aminosilane and hydroxyl terminated silicone oil is mixed into the crude oil, the pipeline can be kept unblocked.

Instructions of amino silanes
The surface preparation method is to treat the surface of the filler with a diluted coupling agent. The direct addition method is to add a coupling agent stock solution when the resin and the filler are premixed. The silane coupling agent is formulated into a solution to facilitate dispersion of the silane coupling agent on the surface of the material. The flux is a solution of water and alcohol. The rate of silane hydrolysis is related to the pH. Neutral is the slowest, acid and alkali are faster. Therefore, it is generally necessary to adjust the pH of the solution. In addition to the amino silanes, other silanes can be added with a small amount of acetic acid to adjust the pH to 4-5. The amino silane is basic and does not have to be adjusted. After silane hydrolysis, it cannot be stored for a long time. It is best to use it now and it is suitable to use it within one hour.